Tax is the most crucial aspect of doing a business, all the major decisions of a Company are taken after careful review and study of the implications of Taxes. 

Indian taxation is known to be complex due to constant changes and many regulatory agencies having a bearing on a business. The Indian tax environment is witnessing rapid changes with Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS) and Country by Country Reporting (CbC) rules. We at I&A are dedicated to ensure that our clients are up to date on all compliances and are ready for any changes that may come their way.

I&A has dedicated staff specialised in both Direct and Indirect Taxes.


Indirect Taxes

All though, India has Introduced GST, there still exists many taxes that may have a bearing on the business and require compliances. At I&A, we provide consultancy services in areas of Service Tax, Excise, Customs and VAT.

GST has changed the way businesses operate, our staff is continuously trained and educated on the changes and ensure that our clients meet the compliances at all times. We can provide tailor made services to ensure compliances with regulatory authorities. 

Our services include:

  • Compliance
  • Litigation support
  • Business impact study under GST
  • Filing refunds under GST

Direct Taxes

Taking care of tax issues and adapting to continuous changes in tax reforms can be challenging, our team can get you ready and ensure all compliances are met. I&A has dedicated and experienced staff to manage your tax queries, help you make decisions and ensure you stay compliant. 

Our services include:

  • Corporate/Non Corporate Return of Income
  • Advisory services on Permanent Establishment
  • Tax advisory
  • Tax Compliances 
  • Litigation support
  • Tax plannings for Expatriates
  • Transfer Pricing