Business Advisory

Business Advisory

Have an idea for business? Looking for an advisor? I&A can help budding entrepreneurs start their business by setting up their legal identity and complete all statutory requirements.

I&A offers complete and comprehensive advice to businesses regarding legal rights, responsibilities and obligations it has. This includes handling a wide range of legal and business issues and acting as internal advisers, assisting on decisions on a myriad of business and legal issues including but not limited to labour, employment, Intellectual Property (IP), contractual, and liability issues.

From business planning to supporting on-going operations, I&A offers enumerated services, be it via expansion plan or a step towards specialisation, we are dedicated to supporting and helping business growth by identifying areas that may have risk and provide solutions to mitigate them. Our team is dedicated to making the client achieve results. This might include our assistance in solving complex issues within the industry, capitalizing on opportunities for expansion, optimization, improvement, while protecting internal IP, assets, and interests.

Our Services include:

  • Advisory on the type of entity to be set up
  • Statutory registration required under the governing laws
  • Advisory associated with FEMA and ROC matters
  • Advisory associated with Business Restructuring
  • Implementation of IFRS/Ind AS and Restatement of Accounts